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DBP Very Nano Filterless Tank

Hi! Over the weekend I bought a Deep Blue Professional nano tank, 12"x6"x6". Such a cute lil tank!

For now, it's at home, but I'm hoping to make/keep it filterless so I can take it to work. I have a baby betta that I plan to put in it when it's ready.

Substrate: used Tahitian Moon Sand from a prior tank, O+ root tabs
Flora: anubias x 1, crypt x 2, java fern x 1, moneywort x 1, bacopa of some kind (I think?) x 1, brazillian pennywort (I think?) x 1. (thanks to Zorfox and kingjombeejoe for these plants!)
Fauna: 1x young ramshorn snail for now, baby betta when ready
Light: 10W (I think? I knew I shoulda kept the box) 6500K CFL in a cheap black plastic hood (very temporary)


Things I plan to do ASAP:
1. Get a real light. Thinking Fugeray-R. Worried it might be too much light but hoping that since it's on a flexible arm it can be raised high enough to tone it down a bit if necessary. Anyone know a better light for this little tank?

2. I've noticed a thin film on the surface. Wondering if I should add something like a Small World filter to create a little surface movement? I think the Hagen Elite Underwater Mini would be too strong for this lil tank from what I've read, especially once I add the betta.

3. Wondering if I need to add a heater. My house stays between 69-74F year around. For now, it doesn't have one.

4. Hoping to stop by Petsmart tomorrow to pick up Staurogyne repens to add some to this tank. I hope they have it!

5. Considering adding black felt for the background but it looks not too shabby without it... for now.

This is my first filterless tank so def learning as I go! I'm already thinking of starting a 5gal filterless since I have plenty of MGOCPM and PFS left and a couple empty 5gals!
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It looks really good! There is a whole thread on filterless tanks, but if you do get one, the Azoo Palm is great. Also sold under several rebeandes names.

Bettas need tank temperatures of 75-82. For a baby, I would stay on the higher end. A heater will be neccessary.

I wouldn't put a Fugeray on there. Too much light. I would go with a desk lamp with a CFL, or a Marineland Doublebright.

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first off, your tank is looking sharp there partner!

I have a dbp 3 gallon and found the size of the tank makes for a tough scape, not because of the length but because of the height

i will second the heater idea, just for the stability factor

i ended up changing out the original eco-complete in mine to black sand because i think it helped to keep the size proportions in check so great choice on the substrate

for lights im running a single bright and that has been plenty of light in a shallow tank for moss, and low light plants

good luck with this one

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looks great!
Yes you need a heater. Bettas are a tropical fish and need water between 76 and 81. For a baby betta, you want to keep the tank at 81-82.
I like the hydor theo 25 watt adjustable heater for my nano betta tanks of under 5 gallons.
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DBP Very Nano Filterless Tank

thanks for the compliments and suggestions, guys!

I'll def add a heater. The only one I have that's small enough is one of those 7.5W round, flat betta heaters, but I doubt that will get my tank to ~80-82F. Plus I don't want to mess up the plants/sand by shoving it under there... if I can at all avoid it. Maybe I'll just try it to see how it performs. If it doesn't get to 80-82F, I'll try the Hydor 25W or Bettastik or Cobalt Mini-Therm 5w... The tank is only ~1.87gal. But I'd still prefer an adjustable heater.

I've checked out the Marineland and Beamswork double and single bright but none of them are shorter than 18" in length. If Fugeray-R (not to be confused with just Fugeray) would be too much light, how about a Deep Blue Solarflare? Would it light the entire tank?

I also plan to make a screen or wire cover for this tank since I don't think a glass cover would allow much air for the baby betta to breathe. That should also help reduce the PAR on a Fugeray-R. If PAR is around 50-70, would I need to dose ferts once or twice a week and maybe even Excel? Would that even be effective without some kind of filter/circulation? Maybe just wait to see since I have O+ capsules under the sand...

I did stop by Petsmart today. Of course, the closest one to me is the only one that doesn't carry packaged plants, so I'll have to drive further out tomorrow to go to a different store.

One thing I've learned about keeping aquaria is that patience is the key to all of it!
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did some water testing today for the first time on this tank:

pH: ~7.4
Ammonia: 2ppm
Nitrite: 5ppm
Nitrate: 40ppm
GH: 8*/143.2ppm
KH: 4*/71.6ppm
Phosphate: 1ppm

I changed about 60% of the water right after, yikes! the anubias is starting to grow a lil black, moldy stuff. I think there's too much light too close, but I don't have a way to raise the light where the tank is at so I'll try shortening the photo period.

I also added a 7W heater. gotta add a thermometer to watch the temp.

this is the first time I've cycled from scratch. not sure if I have the patience to not add a small filter with seeded material, we'll see!

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Honestly, in a tank this shallow, I would go with a CFL in a desk lamp. Easy to adjust up or down as needed, and will light the whole tank.

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