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Originally Posted by AnotherHobby View Post
Wow! You literally found the PERFECT piece of wood for that tank! Well done.

Reading your 60P journal, I suddenly know how I want to retain the heavy slope on the Aquasoil in the back
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Light (mostly) finished. The optics that came bundled with the LED's did not fit, so I did not glue them while waiting on a response from RapidLED. Even with no optics, I get 30-35 par at the substrate level (~30 inches away) with the dimmer at 100% and the driver running at 1a. In early testing, with optics on the CW's, I was getting up to 90 par at the center of the substrate, dropping to 60 at the edges of the bottom of the tank.

The conduit pipe was given a brushed look, then clearcoated with Rustoleum. The wires for both the LED's and the fan go up down through the pipe. I will clean up the look of the wires and clip the excess hanging wire eventually.

Lights off

Lights on with first layer of eggcrate in place. This will be built up in the back to give support to the heavy AS slope.

Next step will be building some side plates for the light to reduce light spill, and ordering some Ohko stone so I can finish the scape with eggcrate and PVC pipe. I'm also going to pick up a light blue foamboard for a background. I was thinking a small LED strip at the bottom pointed upwards for some backlighting.
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Pretty sweet!

The wood fills the space nicely and downplays the height a bit. The effect can only get better with a good slope.

I like the stand that this came with and how you refinished it. I've always liked it when the light fixtures are slightly shorter compared to the length of the tank.

With a tall tank like that, and the good vertical cover you have planned, a gourami would be very happy in there.
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Beautiful driftwood. You can never go wrong with Tom.

This is shaping up nicely. Keep us updated!

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1) Layering complete in the back with additional eggcrate and sections of pvc pipe. Everything is held down with zipties (driftwood included, so no presoak required). Also added window privacy film to the back. I plan on putting a backlight there in the future

2) Test fill

3) Finally got my Ohko stones from AFA! Created a retaining wall/seperator between the sand and Aquasoil using the smaller rubble in the box and placed an ugly looking piece in the back for rooting java fern with later on. Finally it's starting to come together. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, and it seems like the eggcrate layering will hold the AS slope in place. I am considering removing the brownish root section of the driftwood near the 2 large stones on the left side however. Thoughts?

There's a bit of disco with the blues and warm whites since I added on optics for fun. I'm going to keep them on for the time being as without optics, they are annoying to the eye since the light is mounted so high.

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Optics removed on blues for effect:

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Oh, this is going to look fabulous when it's all set up.
Have you decided on any plantings, and final stocking ?
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This is turning out fantastic! I love the hardscape!

I'd pull that brown branch you mentioned. It's going to get covered by plants so you won't see it, and then it'll be in your way when you trim and move things.
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Thanks guys!

Regarding stocking/planting, I'm still sticking to my plan from the picture in the first post for the most part. I am going to add some more mini fissidens to the stones, and add another large wad of java ferns to the ugly looking stone in the back center. The goal is to create a bush of java ferns to be the focal point at the off-center right side of the tank (gotta maintain that golden ratio!) since the size of the driftwood prevents me from placing it to be the focal point. Ideally, the tank should be 12" wider on the left. Oh well. I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to put in the space to the left. My PAR meter shows around 30-40 par there at my desired overall dimming level, so it can't be a high light plant.

Stocking will still what I had planned from the first post, but I will probably add some more pygmy cories as I think my current school might get a little lost in a larger tank.

Thats a good point, AnotherHobby, I didn't think about that. As is, the tank is already a PITA to scape due to the height. It always seemed out of place to me, but I couldn't bear to break off a chunk of the center driftwood. Away it goes! More room for anubias petite, heh.

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DSM started. I have more mini fissidens, and a ton of anubias petite coming. Having some trouble keeping the middle portions of the driftwood wet. Hopefully the fiss doesn't dry out overnight. I tried to remove the brown root but then remembered that I ziptied it to the eggcrate. I will wait until the driftwood is waterlogged before removal.

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Plumbing finalized and parts ordered. Space is a bit cramped inside the stand with the FX5 so I decided to mount the whole thing behind the tank. The stock FX5 output nozzle will be fitted into the 1" Schedule 40 piping with a strip of rubber to form a seal. The stock intake is removed entirely, and a custom SS prefilter (many thanks to H4n!) will fit directly onto the 1" pipe.

There are two Heyco cordgrips used here. One for the temp probe from the Ranco temp controller and one for the heater itself.

The intake/output are a bit bigger than I thought, especially with the elbows added in, but I'm confident I can hide them with some well placed java ferns and/or a small emersed area in the corner.

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NICE! i cant wait to see it planted

There are 2 types of people on this forum. Those that have algae, and those that lie and say they don't.
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Lookin good!
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Update, got most of the plumbing, just waiting for the Heyco Cordgrips and heater now. I ended up building a bypass for the reactor to be able to reduce the flow to prevent bubbles from getting blown out. 3" tubing might have worked but it pushed the stand too far out. Plus, PVC fittings are cheap anyways.

On the reactor, the middle input is for CO2. The bottom one is for a temp probe. The top hose barb is for bleeding the unit (and rigged to my eventual autodoser)

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Plumbing finished!

I switched the location of the purge hose so that I can hook it up to make an auto-purging effect later on if needed. The flow rate from the FX5 is actually high enough to push air and water up the 90 degree barb at the T. After doing a wet test in the basement to check for leaks, the unit was installed. I ended up having to put in a short section of vinyl tubing to allow for an unanticipated offset. I guess I should have trusted the tubing lengths from Solidworks and not eyeballed it

The two ball valves allow me to control how much flow goes into the reactor, and how much is set into the bypass. In testing, there doesn't seem to be any noticeable decrease in flow, though I'm sure this will change as biofilm builds up, due to the bends in the plumbing. I just hope it doesn't get to the point where the filter gets too loud.

As a sidenote, if I were to do this again, I would have just bought a XP4 and saved myself a hell of a lot of time with its 5/8" tubing and wide availability of off-the-shelf in-line equipment. However, this has been a good learning experience. Never assembled PVC piping fixtures before, heh. I justify all the work by telling myself that the increased filtration and flow will pay for itself in the long run.

Thanks again to H4n for making me a sweet custom SS prefilter. It's massive, but everything else in this build is overengineered, so why not :P Eventually the input/output will be replaced by custom SS lily pipes. My work provides me the connections to make this happen for free

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