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Anti-Fibromyalgia Garden

Current Tank Statistics (Updated 5/26/13)

- Hydrocotyle (a carpeting clover stuff)
- 1 baby water sprite (snagged from my boyfriend's WS)
- 1 young Crypt Parva
- 1 Japanese Moss Ball (about 2 maybe 3 inch diameter)
- 1 tiny sprig of Dwarf Hairgrass (broke off my bf's cluster and the roots were too tiny to stay in the gravel in his tank but sits just fine in my sand)

*and a plant I ~think~ is Cabomba that we got for my BF's tank but it kept unrooting so we tried to plant it in mine since I use sand not gravel and its currently floating around because it was dislodged due to having no root system. I have a feeling it's just dead.

Fauna (Labelled as sold to me in "" if I am not 100% sure of ID)
- 1 "Trapdoor" Snail (Name: ?)
- 1 "Black Mystery" Snail (Name: Kitten)
- 1 Tiger Nerite Snail (Name: ?)
- 1 Red Cherry Shrimp (Name: Fidget)
- 1 White "Wild" Danio (Name: ?)
- 1 Galaxy Danio (Name: ?)
- 1 [very shy] Pygmy Gourami (Name: ?)

- LED that came with the Marineland Crescent 3

- Fluval C2 (Any suggestions on what to put in the Carbon Basket?)
*Slightly modified with untreated sponge/filter material inside the intake tube to make it shrimp/small fish friendly

- Not currently using one since I am actually having trouble keeping my tank from overheating.

- Assorted Rocks (Both Wild-Found & Polished "Gemstone" - All Boiled Before Use)
- 3 Terra Cotta Pots
- 1 Large [for the tank size] Driftwood (need plants for this just can't afford yet)

- Super Naturals Sand

*Will also be getting a shipment of Weeping Moss that a friend ordered me for my birthday


So, I have fibromyalgia. It's a PITA, but I handle it. When my boyfriend and roomie both had tanks, the bug bit me to make a planted tank of my own. I did a lot of research (though apparently not enough as I keep finding things out I did not know before) and finally settled on a 3g Planted Betta/Shrimp/Snail Paradise. I wanted to make something that looked like all those vibrantly green tanks I kept seeing. But I wanted it to be small and manageable for me to care for as a first tank. Because I wanted to be able to care for something and watch the beauty. It really does help on days I am feeling particularly down or owee, to just sit and watch it for awhile. It's still a work in progress, and I am still learning a lot. I have even joined a facebook group for a planted tank group in my area.

I made this thread to keep a personal record. What I learn I will be using in my next planted tank. But I also want to see how far my tank has come from the beginning, and hopefully get advice about where to go next!

What I never expected was to fall in love with the Shrimp and Snails as much as I have...I love them so much! They are a joy to watch.

Currently, my tank is where it will be for awhile. I am in the process of moving to Texas right now from Pennsylvania, so my money is really tight. What I have gotten for it so far was all birthday gifts! Yay Birthdays! :3

The tank, lighting, and filter are what come with the Marineland Crescent 3 Kit. I am getting a new filter - my friend ordered me the Fluval C2 for my birthday.

What I Currently Have In My Tank:
~ 2 Red Cherry Shrimp (I want more of these!)
~ 1 (Black) Mystery/Apple Snail
~ 1 Crowntail Betta
~ Carpeting Clover (I've been told this is called Hydrocotyl)
~ 1 Crypt Parva
~ Cuttlebone for my snail(s)
~ Driftwood & Stones
~ 1 Marimo
~ Super Naturals Sand Substrate

I have a Tiger Nerite Snail that has not moved since I got it home 3 days ago from the LFS. Will be returning it soon for a new one.

Suggestions I Would Love:
~ What I can do to plant a dense background?
~ What plants run shorter so they don't end up making my tank look too small?
~ What is your favorite type of moss?
~ What would you recommend to add to my driftwood? It looks sorta bare and unnatural compared to the rest of my tank.
~ Any other plant-friendly snails that would mesh with the rest of my tank?

Things I Have Considered:
~ Moss Wall Background - but not sure if my tank is too small for this to look nice.
~ Camboda - for my background plants. I love how fluffy they look
~ Water Sprite - to float on my tank top. My boyfriend has one so I could nick a baby when his makes one.
~ Salvinia minima - Have been informed this is illegal in Texas
~ Java Fern & Java Lace Fern - for my driftwood. Maybe combined with Java Moss?
~ Narrow Leaf Chain Sword - have been told this probably will not survive in my current substrate and without CO2. Suggested alternative is Pygmy Chain Sword
~ Crystal Red OR Red Tiger OR Blue Tiger - to go in with my Red Cherry - and I still want more of those. I told you I have fallen in love with Shrimp.
~ Heater - but my tank stays at 78-80 according to my thermometer so not sure I actually need one...

Here is the pictures I took of my tank during different stages of setup:


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Kitten (Mystery Snail)

My Algea Pellet!! You no can has!!

Fidget/Dart (the interchangable names for my identical RCS) and Kitten (Mystery Snail) hang out!

Fidget and Dart hang out on the driftwood!

Moshi (Marimo) and Fidget/Dary

(Yes...I named my Marimo >_>'')

Fidget/Dart, Kitten, Hydrocotyle


"I'm king of the snail shell!"

Fred (Crowntail Betta)

"Hmmm, what's in here?"

Fred (Crowntail Betta)


Crpyt Parva

Planted in pot then carefully lowered. Some roots now extend out the lip of pot.
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Just a heads up ive heard that some pple who have tried leeping shrimp with bettas find that the bettas will attack shrimp.
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Originally Posted by lamiskool View Post
Just a heads up ive heard that some pple who have tried leeping shrimp with bettas find that the bettas will attack shrimp.
Yes, I did some research about that myself. My Betta actually went after the Ghost Shrimp I used to have in there but completely ignored the Red Cherrys....mystified me until one day I saw the Ghost Shrimp picking at the Betta's fins with his tiny little hands. The Ghost Shrimp have now been transferred to my boyfriend's tank, and my Betta still ignores my Red Cherry Shrimp - who seem equally content to ignore him!
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Red face Updated Picture! More Stones!

So I love to collect stones. As such I had a great many lying around on shelves or in bags.

Today I decided some might look good in my tank :3

I think it's looking more like a lake bed everyday And my Betta LOVED it. He spent the next half hour examining all the new editions ^_^

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New Filter Came In!!

My birthday present from my roomie. It's a Fluval C2.

I put some spongey filter material up inside the tube to keep flow down and to keep it from sucking up my shrimp or critters. I also put a slice into the basket right above the waterfall output to cut the output flow. The current is actually less then my previous filter and doesn't bother my Betta in the least.

Dart (one of my Red Cherries) died. I'm pretty sure it's from getting stuck in the intake of my old filter. That means I only have Fidget left. And she and Fred don't seem to be getting along. If she passes away, I intend to just stick with Snails in with Fred.

The good news is, as you might have seen, my Hdryocotyle has been growing very well. In the back near the rock I planted one of the babies from my boyfriend's Water Sprite. It's looking rather beautiful. Now I just need something in between the Crypt Parva pot and the stone because it looks so empty. I also need some varieties of Java Fern to place on my driftwood.

My friend ordered me some Weeping Moss so I am pretty excited. I am going to get some Coconut Fiber matting to drape over my waterfall outlet and attach the Java Moss onto it so I will have a Weeping Waterfall of Moss!
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FIDGET LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make a long story short.
Figured out most of my Shrimp deaths have probably been as a result of my Betta.
Except I still think Dart probably died due to getting stuck to my old filter.

Either way - I got a Tiger Nerite and Trapdoor Snail yesterday and my Betta went completely nuts. He killed the baby the trapdoor had and was doing nothing but swimming in circles, lunging at the Nerite, and flaring constantly. I called up Aquatek and they agreed to take him. I took him over there, warned them of his personality and they said they would make sure his new owners were aware.

After doing a lot of talking with the great people at Aquatek, I came home with a Galaxy Danio, a white Wild Danio, and a Pygmy Gourami. They are going to be my own miniature community

So before I put them in, I moved my driftwood to see if I could find what I assumed would be the dead body of my last Cherry Shrimp since I hadn't seen her for two days. I was totally surprised to find her healthy and she took off. Best part of my day hands down.
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Celestial Danio, Unnamed

The nose of my verrrrry shy Pygmy Gourami, Unnamed

My new Tiger Nerite Snail (to replace the one that was DOA), Unnamed

Unnamed. Labelled as "Trapdoor Snail". Beginning to suspect it might be the same species as Kitten....hoping their vast size difference prevents mating - or that they are both females >_>'

Action shot! My hyperactive White Wild Danio and my Galaxy Danio and my Tiger Nerite in the background. White Danio is also unnamed.

I swear everytime I pick up my phone when my Pygmy is out, he goes back into hiding before I can turn on the does he KNOW? ;a;
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