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12 Gallon long rock and roll

Hi everyone!

This, my first iwagumi attempt. It's a 12 gallon long tank. I got very inspired from the 12g LR Club so i decided to try to build one. Unfortunately i live in Estonia, an small country in the north of Europe so it is quite impossible to get a Mr.aqua or Gla tank.

Tank: 12 Gallon custom made (36"x8"x9") Not as rimless as i'd like but that's life
Substrate: ADA AquaSoil Amazonia 9l
Lighting: Diversa Intenso LED 27,4
C02: DIY
Filtration: Eheim 2213
Heating:Hydor 200

At first i ordered the tank with the same measures than mr aqua 12g. When i first received, my whole head fell on the floor. I don't know the reason why they used black silicon...

For couple of hours i tried to picture it without the black lines but i couldn't see anything else. Finally i decided to let the maker know. He must have felt my agony, so he agreed to make me another one. Still he didn't know how to reduce the silicon, and he had to put those extra pieces on the top, but still, much happier dude now!
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After i read and compared different substrates, Ada aquasoil A. seemed the best choice. The price in Europe is quite a nightmare, but still...

Nine litters pack seems to be enough for this size of tank, in the picture i just poured 65%.
I was thinking to compliment it with some small aquacare base subtract. Question: Do you people think that it would be worth of it in long terms?

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I'm a spanish fella, but living in Estonia, so i used my last visit to my motherland to get some nice ryuoh stones. They have seen a lot of world this stones. From Japan to Spain and then Estonia. Even in madrid it went such a quest to find them, that in the end fitting 10 kg of them in a luggage seemed like a game. Security control didn't ask much. You have stones...OK that's your problem...
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I'd like to share with you the process of cleaning the rocks. The reason why i wanted to clean them was because some of them were scratched due to several transportation so you could see perfectly the difference of minerals. Also they recommend to clean them because of possible rests of life that you don't want in your aquarium, but ryuoh stones can't be boiled because they can crack. In internet i found a lot of tough people who cleaned them with muriatic acid (so called Salfuman in Spanish) . It is quite dangerous substance, not like alien blood but almost, and toxic. You cannot dispose it in your toilette and you cannot remove nail polish with it, so it wasn't funny to deal with.

Some other people said something about vinegar, but the amounts that you need were also huge to wash so many. I tried an old bottle at home with a tiny stone and... actually it went quite well, so i decided to go pro. I went to the supermarket and oh my surprise, they had it concentrated to 30% (cooking one is 5-6%) so i got a couple of bottles. I sinked all of them in a bowl outside the house (the gas produced might not be the best either) adding 5l. water more. The next morning they looked quite good. I repeated the operation another night and voila! no rest of extra minerals!!!

I leave you some pictures when they were still wet

this is the vinegar, who could have guessed it!
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About the lights i decided to go for Intenso ones. They are a trademark made whether in Poland or Germany (not quite sure) It's a double led stripe that gives 27.4w y 6.500k so hopefully will be enough. They are 100cm and the tank 90cm so i can try to reduce them it it is too much. So far i'm very very happy and they cost only 79euros.

I was inspired by the calmseaquest user 12g tank and he had a very thin led stripe. It cost all together around 180 dollars and i had to pay costume tax, so this one is almost as thin as that.
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Nice start. Moar pix?

How I feel about non-planted aquariums.
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I started to put together a composition for the rocks.
When i placed the soil, i couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I couldn't resist so i started to play with my toys!

Everything just looks great there!

Here goes the first couple of bobbies
And here i go berserk

The moment that i put the light i was blinded in a good way... maybe i should skip the plant and watering and put a Prometheus rock scape...

This was my first attempt ever so I'm quite happy. I plan to change some things but i would appreciate some opinions

Also i have a couple of questions if someone could help:

-I plan to put an inline DIY co2 and inline hydor heating. Would it be enough power with the eheim 2213 filter?

-As i asked before, would it be necessary or helpful to add a base fertilizer soil like aquacare or ada natural soil?

-Some advice about rock placing?


Read you soon!


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I dont have an answer to your questions just wanted to say I think the tank looks great I would not do anything with the rocks

I used to keep an open mind but my brains kept falling out.
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I'd put the intake to one side and the spray bar to the other for full water movement. I have a eheim 2213 in my 36 gallon it works great. I like the choice of substrate that stuff looks awesome I got find me some of that. I'd glue some moss to those rocks

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I like the scape, great job, I can feel the flow of water from left to right.
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Good looking start. That is a nice looking LED fixture. Never saw that before, but I guess the US is limited in selections.

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Great job! Especially on getting inspired and pushing forward, no matter what.

This is just my opinion, so disregard if you disagree. The rocks on the left have that crown shape, and it really pulls your eye there and no where else. If you want the eye to travel from left to right, the far left rock needs to rotate some. The far right rock in the left side grouping also needs at least a neutral position. Right now, it pushes your gaze back to the center rock.

Of course, you could keep it just as it is, plant it, and I would say "Genius!" . So many things depend on the flora you use.
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I agree with VJM here, the left side rocks look like a crown. I'm from NYC and all I can think of is it looks like the crown on the Statue of Liberty.
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Very Nice! I say keep Goku in the scape!
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Hi again,

Thanks for all the nice comments, they really are helpful!

Bubba Shrimp

I was thinking the same, but unfortunately the security glass in the top it's preventing any pipe to come from behind, so i cannot hide them. I only have a bit of space on every side. The tank is in a corner so one of the sides is not so vissible. I was thinking that the intake and outtake are pointing different directions, but i might be wrong. i attach a picture

Actually i was visiting the forums to get a reference about the lights but i couldn't find any of them in Europe so i was a bit lost with light temperature par etc. This light i got in ebay, but they have a webpage if anybody is interested:



Thanks! The first combination worked for me, maybe from the point of view when i entered to the room. This crown structure was displayed in a line without dept so i was planning to try also something else (first time cannot be the best) I did some other order to the rocks, but i don't get anything that is convincing me. Probably i go back to the previous one with some modifications.

I don't know yet about the plants. I like very much the rock scapes and i want them to be the main subject so i don't want to bury them very much cause plants will cover them. I guess a thin carpet (i think it is the famous CUBA) and some short grass in the background will do for a while until i control the situation and i get bored


DD I didn't see that at first maybe some planet of the apes type


DD He could definitely do a s.saiyajin change to save some live bulbs!

Green_Flash, starfire12, assasin6547

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

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