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Can't wait to see what you do, I love shallow tanks. I think the next tank I get will be either really long and shallow or a cube shape like yours.
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Thanks guys. I'm thinking of going with an Eheim Canister filter, any suggestions between the 2215 or 2217?
Again, I'm going low tech. No CO2, no ferts (roots tabs though), and medium lighting.
Hoping for emerged plants too.

2215 or 2217?

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A nice chunk of manzanita crawling along the substrate from the back left corner towards the front right corner would look nice.
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an island would be cool. with the water flowing in a circular motion around the island, but that would require some very ugly clear pieces siliconed into the corners to allow the water to flow around them. although, you could use the triangle left from gluing in those pieces as mini planters
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I think those two tanks are gorgeous and are calling your name to do something like it lol. I think a school of pygmy cories would look good in there as well, plus they are much smaller so there would be more activity levels.
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Some great ideas here, but radioman nailed my original thoughts. I've already got some Manzanita to create a scape from the back corner to the front.
I need 2 more things that cost $450, so sadly this tank will sit slightly longer.

Those things are:
  • Eheim 2217
  • Kessil A150W 6,700K Amazon Sun LED Light w/ Gooseneck Clamp

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Obsessed? Maybe
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I think that sounds awesome. But. Any particular reason you're absolutely set on the Kessil fixture?
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my goodness
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Haven't tried any of the Eheim classics (although I have read very good comments and I am waiting for a 2217 to arrive), but I would go based on the final setup...If your planing on hiding and somewhat obstructing the water flow and/or high fish load..I would suggest the 2217..If your going for a heavily planted tank and a nice unobstructed flow then the 2215 should do the trick...give it some thought yourself...based on your setup which will deliver nutrients more efficiently.

As for the kessil lights... I think 150w will be an overkill...then again I haven't seen it in action or read much about it but judging from what LEDs I have seen or tested 150w from a single LED cannon might be too much for freshwater. Why not look into something of lower wattage which will be cheaper as well?

My 2 cents
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I have the kessil fixture. I'm going to warn you, low tech is hard with this tank. I say that because I tried the same thing. I tried doing low tech with my 25g cube - here's how it started out:

Unfortunately it ended up getting lots of bba and before I knew it, it was out of control. I even had the light 14-15 inches above the tank (which is already pretty tall at 18 inches) when Kessil says to put it just a foot above. I had the lights on 8 hours a day (so not super long like 10-12). I put even more plants than in the picture with more ferns and anubias along with floating frogbite. The plants grew really well but after 2 months it just was more light than my plants needed and ultimately led to bba algae; now I'm injecting c02, adding lots of stem plants, and spot dosing excel to get rid of it.

So even though low tech sounds tempting, when you add that monster of a light to it, it suddenly becomes difficult. You saved money on the tank with it being on sale, so I say just invest in a c02 setup. Inline diffuser with your canister filter will make it look really clean and you can grow whatever plants you want in there at a good rate. Low tech only works if your light setup isn't phenomenal which the Kessil light is. Just splurge a little because this thing will look gorgeous but not if its over run by algae due to the light being way stronger than you think it'll be.

And really, the only reason I didn't go with c02 to begin with was because I didn't want to trim the plants that often... but now after getting bba for the first time, I realize that having to trim your plants to often because they're growing like crazy is a GREAT problem to have. I love the dimensions of your tank and know it'll turn out fantastic - if you decide to go low tech, just take my warning and limit the amount of time you keep the light on.

I'm sure low tech can be done with the Kessil light, but now that I've experienced it, I've come to the conclusion as to simply: why? Why get an amazing light and then try to stop it from doing its job. Why get a Ferrari and drive it super slow? Let this rockstar light fixture shine and grow the heck out of your plants... which will require c02. I also just looked at your sig and other tanks - you know what you're doing... you know how well c02 helps tanks so don't fight it! Just splurge man. Make this tank as good as you know how because it's obvious you know what you're doing. You'll get bored of low tech when the plants just don't grow as well as you're used to.

edit - Finally, if you get the gooseneck fixture for Kessil, I don't know how that'll do with your very wide tank as with any light, especially LEDs, it gets weaker as you get further from the light source. The Kessil beams down its light super strong so you would need to keep it fairly high above the tank (perhaps higher than the gooseneck allows though I'm not sure) and with your dimensions may need it to be further out to be closer to the middle. I'd also watch out for glare from your TV assuming that your couches are pointed to a flatscreen. Not a huge deal but if you have a plasma it could reflect pretty bright - but then again, you may watch it more at night when the tank's light has gone off.

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Great buy! Looks good in your home already. This is the tank I want for my next display tank.

I'd offer that this footprint is the best choice for a PAR38LED pendant. (see my 40g sig line) If DIY electrical isn't an option, you can use a gooseneck fixture either made for a Tank or a drafting table fixture. I've also see people use the floor lamps design for reading. The nice thing about the PAR38s is the bulb base is standard size.
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One more thing I want to add about the Kessil light. If you don't know already, it's not a silent light. It's quite loud in fact with a somewhat high pitched fan noise. In my local store, I couldn't hear it since it's louder in there, but at home when it's completely quiet, it's pretty noisy. Even a room or 2 away I could still hear the fan on the light. This won't be a big deal if you know it before hand and can live with it, but don't expect it to be silent. Me, personally, I think the benefits of the kick-butt light outweigh that it has some noise.
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Thanks for all the input guys.

In regards to the Eheim, I'll still probably go with the 2217 over the 2215. Since I can always reduce the flow if it's too much. Plus I'd rather get away with less filter cleanings, and I'm thinking a bigger filter will help me with this.
In regards to the Kessil light, I wasn't 100% set on it. It's a great looking light, but it sounds like it will be way too much for this 30 gallon tank.
I'd still like this tank to be a low tech, but with a clean light (since it's in my living room). What kind of light setups do you guys suggest that won't be too much light, looks good, and won't break the pocket book?

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