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Originally Posted by akdylpickles View Post
If I may ask, what is your job? most people wont let you have three tanks in your office haha
Tom is a BOSS.

Awesome tanks Tom.............

**** Green ****

Green's Resurrection Aquarium Gallery
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I was an investment broker for a large firm. Now I am an independent broker clearing trades through a large firm geared towards independents. So, I am now self employed with a shared assistant. I get to make the rules!

I live nearby and come in weekends for tank maintenance.

As for the distracting views, I spend lots of time on the phone and it helps to have a relaxing scene for the eyes.
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Got into the office this weekend to install canister filter #2 on the 220. Also pulled plants from the smaller tanks that do not belong in them any more and put them for now in the 220. I ordered plants Friday and will take a stab at an aquascape when they arrive, so the arrangement now is temporary. I will likely have some Cardamine lyrata and Myriophyllum mattogrosense available free to a good home some time this coming week.

Full tank shots:

75 before some trimming:

75 after trim:

220, cloudy from adding some substrate, but with the green you can start to get an idea of what this can look like:

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I write this as I wait for the 220 water change. I am changing ~80% and hope to add some of the rummynose tetras from the 75 to the 220 along with some Seachem Stability to speed up the cycling. The main reason I cannot wait is the altums arrived and the filter on the 75 is only working at 30% and so I want to lower the bioload there as much as I can until my Eheim gasket gets here and I can get the filtration back up to what it should be. Cloudy water and expensive fish are not a good idea.

(There is never a good time for equipment issues, but this is particularly annoying. The filter is pumping very little flow and is not clogged anywhere. Research shows that the gasket must leak a little - it spits some water when priming - not enough for water to come out, but enough to break the vacuum that these things prefer. At least that is my current theory.)

As for the altums, they are tiny and not all of them made it, but the 6 that are schooling around are eating heartily and are cute as can be. Stress was above normal on the shipment since the USPS took two days for a guaranteed overnight delivery. I am not much of a tank photographer.

Last edited by tomfromstlouis; 08-02-2012 at 04:45 AM. Reason: add photos
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I have a 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon in my office. Time to grow up and go 200+!! Your tanks and office look great!
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How do you ever get work done ha
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What a dream office .. i wouldnt return home lol

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Frankly, I am forced to ignore the tank views more often than I like during the day. Fortunately, my office and home are a mile from each other, so additional trips for maintenance or for taking the pictures below are no problem.

I need to lower the pH in the 220 to bring in the altums. I did not fully appreciate this when my first batch arrived and I have fewer than ideal as a result. Hopefully I am learning. I put peat moss into one of the canisters and got the pH to go from 7.6 to 7.0. KH is around 80 and TDS is a whopping 420. It looks like I need to dose some muriatic acid to get to below 6.0. I will experiment carefully.

Meanwhile, pictures for your enjoyment:

Rare 220 FTS with no reflections (taken at night):

Here is an side view showing the effect of the peat on water color:

The "valley" on the right third of the tank shows a few bits of Marsilea getting established:

I have a Crinum calistratum left of the central driftwood piece with C. balansae nearby. In the back on the right you can see the melting leaves of the primary background plant Echinodorus martii. I presume some green shoots will emerge soon, but it is not looking very good now.

The 220 has a school of rummynose tetras, some kuhli loach, cherry shrimp and a couple amano shrimp I captured from the 75. I am having difficulty capturing the last 8 tetras from the 75. The two adult P. scalare angels will probably stay in the only home they have known and perhaps their egg laying will resume and succeed. Perhaps. Here they are hamming it up with their two adopted kids:

Altums have nice form, eh?

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My efforts in lowering the pH of the big tank have been successful, so I went ahead and ordered more altums. These are from the same import as the the others, from Rio Inirida, an Orinoco tributary on the border of Columbia and Venezuela. I will take a fresh picture when they arrive.

All of the non-scavengers are out of the 75 and in the 220, so the tetra school numbers ~45. The two mature angels (P. scalare) enjoyed the upgrade enough to spawn on a filter tube. I doubt the tetras will let many free swim for long.

So the 75 was relatively empty, with only banded kuhli loaches and amano shrimp and a bazillion snails (from my altum feeding efforts). I have some assassin snails on the way and feeding has been cut back. I also added a dozen forktail rainbows (psuedomugil furcata) and they seem to like their new home. I am open to other stocking ideas. I am half committed to some endlers but am willing to hear any other smaller fish that like the middle or upper parts of the water column. The 75 will always be a garden that happens to have fish, so the fish need not be centerpieces like angels tend to be.

Not much news on the 6g. Still 4 white clouds and a growing population of cherry shrimps.

Fresh pictures on all the above within a week!

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220g altum, 75g high tech, 6g shrimp: one office, three tanks
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Wow love these tanks! Especially the 220, great hard/wood scape.

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Looking for free easy trimmings. (Pennywort, moss, terrestrial, aquatic, emersed, etc) So PM me maybe.

My tanks-->
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Are these tanks tax write offs?
Nice work.

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Originally Posted by Jegli09 View Post
How do you ever get work done ha
That is hilarious. That is exactly what I was thinking.
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wow nice tank

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Am I the only one to see the elephant in the room here?

Osmotic pressure has a far bigger impact on the health and life expectancy of the fish so I would be concentrating on altering TDS before worrying about details like PH. If you are changing the TDS though endlers would be a bad choice as they need hard water to really thrive and show their best colours.

Awesome scapes BTW, especially the 220
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Really nice! I like the new tank and that office view! Do you find maintenance on your fluval edge easy? I've heard a lot of complaints about the small opening.

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