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Neil's emersed 10 gallon and 6 gallon setups

I tore down all of my tanks and turned them into emersed tanks! yay! free co2 and cheap substrate and best of all... no algae! woot!
So i set up two styles of emersed tanks.
zachary's "dirt in a box method" (
and zapin style
My 6 gallon rimless was the zapin style and since each species is grown in its own pot I can keep a bunch of species in my collector tank. I have a cheap fogger I bought off ebay and the top is made of some plastic cover sheets. The light is a 23 watt cfl bulb and i think it's 6500K (it's a anonymous brand with no info on the bulb). The soil in the pots is miracle grow potting soil. with the fogger running 24/7 the humidity is 80-90%. I also have a 25 watt heater running.
My 10 gallon was the dirt in a box method. The cover is also made of the plastic sheets and a glass cover from my unused 2.5 gallon tank. The substrate is miracle grow potting soil that i got at hd for around 3 bucks for a huge bag. I mist once a day and my humidity is around 82%. (Fremont's usual humidity is in the 40's)
alright enough talk time for pictures! the plants are a motley assortment: dhg, hc, crypts, anubias variegated, hygro's, and some rarer stems
I just planted most of the stem plants yesterday so they're still wilting a bit, but most of them have started to recover and are rooting! the HC has been in there for 1 or 2 weeks already

with fog

without fog

top view of plants

P. 'Kawagoneum'

B. Lanigera

H. Lorentzianna

10 gallon dirt in a box style

plants are still wilting from shipping but are starting to perk up

left side of the tank. B. Japan is the fastest to recover and is already starting to grow!

HC starting to spread
I'll update with new pictures every now and then! tell me what you think!
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Looks good, Neil! I hope those plants do well for you.

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New updates! I just redid my 6 gallon and cleaned the water and repotted everything into paper pots with black polyethylene shells. I will be getting some coir pots soon because people have said that the paper pots will disintegrate pretty fast. DON'T LINE YOUR POTS WITH COFFEE FILTER, THEY DISINTEGRATE IN A WEEK!
I'll be setting up my 46 bowfront to house my emersed collection soon so they won't be crammed in a tiny 6 gallon. I'll post pictures when i get around to doing that.

6 gallon tank (i've set the fogger to run 20 minutes every 2 hours because otherwise the plants are too wet and fungus grows

I have a couple plants converting from submersed to emersed. H. Tiger, Ammania sp. Bonsai, C. nurii 'Pahang', and some C. wendtii

P. Kawagoneum I really like how the red is developing on the new leaves and upper portion closest to the light
btw the light is a 23 watt cfl bulb... nothing fancy

anubias variegated

Gratiola Brevifolia

C. Nurii converting from submersed to emersed

L. India very robust grower!

C. Wendtii, It JUST converted from submersed to emersed and is putting out new emersed leaves!

Ammania sp. Bonsai, just planted these submersed stems 2 days ago.

You can see my cheap fogger i got off ebay and the grid that everything is on.
I still need to ID that crypt LOL

Fog on.

10 gallon dirt in a box tank!
I'm getting so many flowers in this tank! dirt in a box method is great!

P. 'Kawagoneum' you can see the bud starting to form

E. parvula is starting to spread. My anubias variegated isn't doing so hot though :cry: the leaves are yellowing any suggestions? i think it's the humidity... the humidity in this tank is only 70-75%
The plants are growing nicely and should start filling in a couple months!

L. India flowers!

My windowsill foreground plant collection
I have a whole bunch of these small plastic cans with plastic screw on lids and they're so useful for storing things and growing thing and shipping things!
I currently have e. parvula, HC, and marsilea minuata.
I got some glosso from Nathan today and I will have those planted soon
I'll be getting some UG from Tony soon too thus I will have most of the foregrounds!

HC started as a small sprout and spread nicely

E. parvula starting to spread

Marsilea planted 2 days ago and will convert to emersed clovers soon.
that's all for now!
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Things are looking good, dude! I'm happy to see that the plants I sent you all appear to be doing great.

As far as the yellowing anubias, I think it's most definitely a humidity issue. My Anubias starts to yellow if I don't keep up on misting.

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My 46 gallon bowfront
I have three tubs that i lined with screen at the bottom and the bottom has holes and terra cotta pots with screens at the bottom. I have two heaters running (because i don't have a 100+ watt heater) the temp is around 30 C. I also have a 201 powerhead running with a diy filter attachment and my fogger is also funning which is why the pictures are so foggy.
Some new plant additions:
Polygonum sp. Sao Paulo
E. belem
Ludwigia sp. 'hybrid'
Ludwigia Pillosa
hygro tiger
e. tennelus
and some riparium plant i have in the planter from hydrophyte on TPT
My crypts are starting to grow like crazy!

;-; you can see how the other two stems of downoi just melted but atleast i have one!

my poly. sp. Sao Paulo... I planted it near my P. Kawagoeneum and it has a great contrast! The ludwigia hybrid next to it is flowering :P

Ludwigia pillosa (pretty darn expensive!)
Sorry for all the fog... and i just planted plugs of UG and DHG Belem everywhere LOL
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