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Miss Green's 46G HIGH TECH Jungle Scape [EBR and Shrimp added + New Pics 3/6]

[Sorry about the lame title, can't think of anything better ATM]

Hello all-
Asked a few questions after lurking here for a long while. Was too scared to post tank shots and updates until I was sure my plants were doing well and not completely dying!

Tank specs:
46G Bowfront
Coralife Aqualight 78W T5HO (1x39W Coralife 10,000K 1xGeismann 6,700K)
Eheim 2215 with purigen added
Hydor Inline 200W heater
80lbs Eco-complete
Gorgeous piece of driftwood from Mr. Barr

GLA Primo System
Inline atomic diffuser
Waterplant CO2 checker

Pfertz high tech line - N, P, K, Micros every other day and root tabs
Seachem Fe three times a week

Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern)
Nymphoides aquatica (Banana Plant)
Rotala rotundifolia
Water Hyssop (I think? )
Cladophora aegagropila (Marimo Balls) [Now gone, given to my mother who coveted them]
Crinum thaianum (Onion plant)
Hygrophila difformis (Water wisteria)
Aponogeton ulvaceus [from bulbs and are now almost a foot tall after a week!]
Limnophila Mini vietnam
Ludwigia Senegalensis
Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides
Riccia Fluitans
Marsilea Quadrifolia
True Rotala Indica - All thanks to member taniner! Gorgeous plants!

Red Cabomba
Nesea Pedicellata
Brazilian Pennywort (I think? Could be normal pennywort)
Some type of moss - Thank you to chris.rivera3 Sent me a serious number of plants and threw in the moss as extra!

Diamond Tetra x12
Leopard Pleco x1
Pygmy Corydoras x11
Redtail Shark x1
Electric Blue Rams X2
Amano Shrimp X 4

Planning on a large-ish school of 12-15 tetras total, with some pygmy corydoras, a redtail shark (not my choice, the SO gets to pick a fish), and some GBR or EBR to top it off. Would love to have shrimp also, but unsure of types.

Love Love Love my CO2 system so far. The inline diffuser works perfectly. Very tiny bubbles coming from my spray bar and the plants are pearling like crazy! Thinking about removing the quartz. I might be crazy, but I feel like it is eroding overtime by being worn down by the spray bar. I am told my SO that I'm crazy.

Here are the pictures:

FTS 2/25:

FTS 2/21 after new plants:

FTS 2/18 after week of growth:

After rescape FTS 2/12:

After getting substrate in, before water:

Plants from LFS floating:

FTS a week after adding plants:

FTS from today, two weeks after adding plants. Lots of growth:

Shot of Java Fern pearling like crazy:

Newest addition, a leopard pleco:

I know that the plants aren't placed well. I'm waiting to pick up the driftwood and will completely rescape then. Loving the current rate of growth though.

Comments and suggestions welcome! New to planted tanks and will take all help and criticism I can grow from!

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<-newbie following with interest
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Nice tank. I love the pleco of yours. Just wondering why is the plastic in the tank???
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I like everything but the quartz. Where it is placed now just takes away from everything else, in my humble opinion. Have you thought about moving it toward the back?

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I was probably going to remove the quartz when the driftwood is done sinking. I feel like it takes away from the rest of the scape. Not to mention it's a bummer that I can only put taller plants behind it and it's distracting. Advice taken, and will put into effect.

wolfgang: Not sure what you meant by plastic? Maybe you think the quartz is plastic?
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2/12 Rescape and Update!

So I have been busy the last few days, trip to Albany aquarium and sinking the gorgeous piece of driftwood that Tom Barr found for me. My SO came with my to Albany and fell in love with their Redtail Sharks. I promised him he could have one, but was putting it off until I had added to my school of Tetras. We ended up adding the shark first.

I also found a very healthy school of pgymy cories, asked for a dozen and ended up getting 13. All made a great transition to the tank with no spikes in my water parameters. The shark has not shown any signs of aggression so far, and is content with checking out everyone in the tank after claiming a small "cave" in the driftwood as his.

Added some Red Cabomba from AA, as it was gorgeous and couldn't pass it up! Love the way it closes and opens depending on light. Really cool plant. Hope it does well!

Did a massive rescape last night, with removing all rocks, plants and fish and slowly putting it back together again. I'm VERY happy with the result, it's really starting to look like a jungle. Fish are very happy, the cories are enjoying resting on leaves and checking out the driftwood. I haven't seen my pleco this much since he was in the store tank! He just likes basking (if you could call it that) on top of the burl of the driftwood and hanging about. I'm glad he is happy and has come out of hiding!


Left side of tank:

Middle of tank:

Right side of tank:

Pleco basking:

The pressure on my CO2 gauge has now dropped to about the 600PSI mark down from 800PSI when I initially set it up. As it has been almost a month and should be lasting much longer, I will need to check again for leaks. I didn't find any when I set it up, but need to check again. Any tips are welcome!

Let me know what you think of the new scape and any comments!
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Week after rescape growth

Here is the growth a week after the rescape. The camboba is doing amazing, I've had to trim one of the stems after it reached the top. Same with the Rotala. Pretty exciting seeing the amount of growth.

Finished off my school with the final count of 13 Diamond tetras. I think I am going to get 2 GBR or EBR and call it a day for the tank. Love how it's doing!
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I love your fish choices.

I'm really curious to see how well your pygmy cories hold up... i have a completely unconfirmed personal theory that they don't do well in deep tanks...

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Thank you! I'm really liking this new scape better than the old one. Always nice to hear feedback from a fellow 46G.

I'm hoping the pgymies do well, so far they are loving hiding in the different plants, with the Rotala being their favorite. Also I see them resting occasionally on the driftwood.
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New plants + Growth

Maybe it was being gone for the three day weekend, but I noticed HUGE amounts of growth when I came home. Member chris.rivera3 sent me an insanely generous amount of frogbit and some moss over the weekend and I love it in my tank. I've started trimming the longer pieces of roots because they were getting a little too long. I'm assuming this is okay?





My Aponogeton ulvaceus is starting to overtake the top of the tank. How do I trim this and propagate it? I'm losing massive light from it and the frogbit together. My LFS says they will pay big bucks for it since they only can get it as bulbs and would rather sell the plant itself.
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3/6 Update

I have finished off the last of my fish so I think with a pair of Electric Blue Rams at AA last week. I LOVE them and they are worth every penny with their colors. I also picked up a handful of amano shrimp. That leaves the final counts to:

12xDiamond Tetras
11xPygmy Corydoras
1xRedtail Shark
1xLeopard Pleco
4xAmano Shrimp

lauraleellbp: I think you may have been right about the pygmies. After they had been in my tank for about a week and a half I would come home and see one every few days. I'm not sure if they had not been getting enough food or if the tank was too tall as you had predicted.

Now I can only for sure see about 7 out of the original 14, and have only found two dead bodies and a skeleton. I'm not sure what happened to the others, or if I do actually have a count of 11 and I can't find the other four. Maybe one of my fish is eating them? I think it could be possible, although my shark is still very small and the EBR always seem hungry.

On to the pictures!!


EBR #1:

EBR #2:
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