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I think I may have chosen a fish for my final school...I was in Petsmart today (one of the few "good" ones near my house) getting crickets for my geckos, and I decided to look at their fish. They had a tank of "Von Rio Flame Tetras" that really caught my eye...bright yellow and red fish. I did a little reading online and it seems like Petsmart carries a specific color version of the flame tetra that may be an albino version, hence the brighter colors. Either way, I plan to go back this weekend and get some (I know, Petsmart, but I've gotten fish from this particular one before and they are usually pretty healthy.) There is another LFS near me that says they stock Bosemanis, so I may still add a few more of them as well (seeing as how I wiped out the stock of the place I got my current ones from.)

Still no pics I know, I decided to clean the tank a little early this week (I did so tonight) and I did my first cleaning on my canister filter as well, as I was starting to think that the flow was getting reduced. It turns out that the filter was pretty gunky, so that was probably a good idea...of course, the tank was cloudy afterwards so no good photo ops tonight. I plan to get some new pictures tomorrow!
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Kurosaki Ichigo,

The tank looks great. I think your cories are false-julii's though. I've got some that look just like yours and that's what I purchased them as. I'm also actively trying to breed some panda cories I have. Maybe if everything goes right you can get some of the first batch since we aren't far from each other. I do have 4 or 5 emerald cory fry that I'm growing out. If you're interested let me know. I'm going to be in Baltimore tomorrow and was planning on stopping by Aquarium Depot if I have time. Seen anything good over there lately?

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Cool, you're the first here to say something about my avatar

I think you're right on the cories as well. When I was looking up info about Leopard Cories, I found that most of the ones sold are indeed the False Juliis...no matter though, they are nice looking fish and I don't really mind exactly what they are. Good luck with the Pandas! I'm not sure if I would have the room for some, but I may be interested if you are able to raise some.

I didn't look around AD too much the last time I was there...when I walked into the fish room one of the employees recognized me at the guy that had been asking for Bosemanis, so I pretty much got my fish and left without my normal browse. I did see that they had gotten some other varieties of rainbowfish that looked really good though.
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I really like your tank - it really is serene. I think it needs some height though, I dunno maybe some plants need to grow out more. It just looks really short.

But anyway, it really is awesome and your cories are so cute! And the Crypt Crispulata looks really neat - wish I had some.
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The Crypt Crispulata has grown upwards some since my last set of photos, which helps the look...I agree with you that it needs some height. I'm hoping that eventually they will grow up and cover most of the back of the tank. The same goes for my Red Rubin sword...it has been staying pretty low for some reason after I had to remove its original leaves. It's grown at least 10 more leaves since then, but it is staying small so far.

I should (finally) have time this evening to take some new photos so everyone here can see what I'm talking about. I had family over last night so I didn't get the chance to do so, but on the other hand they really loved the tank. I also added 15 of those "Von Rio Flame Tetras" that I saw at Petsmart yesterday morning. Now that I see them, they are definitely an albino variant of the Flame Tetra...they have the pinkish sheen to their eyes. The coloration is bright yellow on their bodies, and bright red fins...they look GREAT!
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Finally...pictures! The camera batteries died after these photos so I was in a rush to get them taken, so some of the fish shots aren't the best (not that they wanted to pose anyways.) The plants are much larger, and there are lots of lively fish now.

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Great job with the 55!!!
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A quick update, as I haven't been on this forum in a while. I have some pics from 2-3 weeks ago that I need to upload, and I am planning on taking some new ones this weekend. Needless to say, it looks quite different from my last photo...the Crypt Crispulata has grown completely to the surface in the back, the Bacopa has also grown to the surface and has spread out with at least 10 new stems, the Crypt Wendtii has grown up and spread outwards, my Crinum has several long leaves, the Anubias is blooming...you get the idea.

I have a bit of algae now, which I can primarily attribute to me slacking a bit on water changes and ferts. I just cleaned up last night, so it is looking pretty good now. I've gotten a bit of thread algae here and there, along with a few tiny spots of staghorn and some spot algae on the leaves. I've cut my photoperiod down to a total of 10 hours, with a 5 hour burst of higher light (I previously had 12 hours total, 6 hour burst.)

I have had some fish losses, primarily with my Rainbowfish and Cories. I currently have 3 out of my original 6 of Bosemanis...it seems that the largest of the group bulled those 3 to death (each one would end up hanging out in a corner of the tank for a few days, and then die.) Even though the current 3 are technically too small of a group, they seem to be doing great and there is no excessive bullying so I am in no rush to add more. Their coloration is wonderful. As for my cories, I am down to 1 out of 10 That one is definitely my fault...I allowed the tank to sit at 82 degrees for a while without realizing that it was too warm...I'm pretty sure that stressed them out and caused their demise. I currently have had the tank at 77 for the past couple of weeks, and the last cory seems ok (although he has to be lonely...he hardly ever comes out of hiding.)

I'm thinking about getting my school of cories back up to about 6, and adding a school of Cardinal Tetras.

Pics and more info soon.
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This is starting to look real nice!
I always enjoy pictures of clean well kept systems
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Can't wait to see the new pics

"Twisted Wood" 75 gallon
Originally Posted by Cardinal Tetra View Post
I sell plants but not green thumbs, sorry.
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I loved reading your journal. The rainbow fish compliment the tank nicely and I can't wait for updates.
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Here are the pics from about two weeks ago that I mentioned (10/22/10.) I'll write in my updates on the next post.

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Ok, here is my update with pics I just took this evening, and what I have done to the tank recently. As I was saying I was going to do earlier, I did add some new fish to the tank to repair the damage I (stupidly) did to its population by setting the temperature too high. I added in 5 Bronze/Emerald Cories, and 12 Cardinal Tetras. The tank is much livelier now, I LOVE the great contrast that I get from the Cardinals, and my lone Leopard Cory seems perfectly happy to swim around with his new Bronze buddies, even though one is easily twice his size (no more hiding!)

I'd suggest anyone reading this to look at my first post on the first page for my updated photo timeline...I think it's really neat to see the all of the photos from when I had just started the tank in July, to how it looks now lushly grown in and full of fish. It would also give an idea of plant growth rates in a low tech tank to anyone who is interested. The only change I've made in my fert schedule is to fill in the days a bit more...I dose Pfertz N on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday now (vs. Monday and Friday before,) and Flourish on Tuesday and Thursday now (vs. just Wednesday before.) I still dose Excel daily, and I change out 15-20 gallons of water every Sunday.

The only plant that has still not taken back off is my sword...instead of putting out big leaves, it split off and grew a second small plant. I guess it will grow upwards again eventually.

Enough talking, here are the pics. First, the newest FTS:

Left side, a closeup of the dwarf sag, anubias (with its flower!,) bacopa, and some of the crypts.

Another angle:

Right side, a closeup of my water sprite (an annoying plant btw, it keeps putting out roots mid-stem and floating, causing me to have to keep re-planting it,) java fern, crinum, crypts, and a ton of x-mas moss:

Another angle (and a great shot of two of my Rainbows...they have grown and colored up really nicely!):

Anubias flower closeup:

Lengthwise down the tank:

From my couch:

Random closeups of fish:

All in all things have been going really well with the tank. I do need to clean the canister filter again soon, but other than that it is simple maintenance and lots of relaxing fish watching
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Looking forward to the updated pictures. Sadly, though, every time I see your updates, I sigh at my sad 55 gallon.

Without Algae, death of mankind would be inevitable.
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