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Originally Posted by MrJG View Post
I've been trying to rack my brain to think of what should inhabit this tank. I was really hoping to find something to complete that saltwater look. Needed something really colorful and odd.
Not sure if the size or temperament will lend themselves well for this tank or not but I'm ordering a pair of peacock gudgeons tomorrow. I have 3 empty mature tanks at home so I'll house them somewhere there until I can see if they'll fit the bill for this tank or not.

Any other freshwater fish that strike you as being a saltwater doppelganger? I wish I could find some true freshwater bumblebee gobies. I think they would be a good fit as well but I don't want to subject some poor brackish fish to super soft acidic water.
What about dwarf puffers? I have seen some real brightly colored exotic looking black/yellows (of course I have also seen some that look quite dull).
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