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Originally Posted by ridewake210 View Post
You have got something going on there dont ya!

Excellent work!
Medium to High end construction. One can always build even more detailed systems with even higher quality and much higher cost.

Originally Posted by tuffgong View Post
Very sweet tank! But your title is completely wrong. There's nothing basic about this! This is the work of skilled fabricator.
Yes and no. It does take a great deal of care as detailed above to do this with a high degree of success and quality. "practice is also a must" many factors effect how well this works like temp., humidity, light, work surface, material, time.......

Originally Posted by TeamTeal View Post
that is impressive. is it up and running?
The system in the above pictures sets in living room, waiting on me to reduce the number of aquariums I have or cheaper electricity.

Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
Have you taken the paper backing off yet? I'd love to see some pics if so. And do you plan on filling it anytime soon? Also (and pardon me if this is rude), can you tell me how much time and cash was spent on this project, tools aside?

Your craftsmanship is beautiful.
Thanks Again
Paper is off this one. but no salt water as stated above my power bills are way to high. Cost I guess you could say about 40$+ a gallon empty with all the bells and tech included.

Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
Thanks for taking the time documenting and sharing this. Very professional, very inspiring. Not that I would dare attempting something like this.

When I grow up, I want a woodshop like you have.
No problem!
In fact I enjoy your work and others that build cool stuff with sometimes little more then basic hand tools and time! So I tip my hat to you guys and girls.
Nice tools help a great deal but taking time to figure out the best way to build something can make a huge difference in the quality and sucess of what you are building.

Originally Posted by Finalplay10 View Post
Agreed. This scares me !
It scares me when I start bonding 1000$ of acrylic. Did I do everthing right. Did I skip a step. Do I feel lucky. So your not alone!

Originally Posted by Moe View Post
You have skills! your thread needs to read "advanced acrylic fabrication"
Thanks Again, I consider intermediate fabrication to be material that is bigger, thicker, weighs and costs much more. Any mistake is huge and the cost of that is big. And advanced is at the scale of comercial fabrication with anealing ovens and cranes to move materials. With the finished product going in your local comercial aquarium with sharks and cool stuff like that swimming around.

Thanks again for questions and reading this very long post.
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