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I'm sorry, but does ADA have a history of selling useless items? I think they have no reason to mislead anyone with snake oil... You really think they're that desperate for money? I've never been unsatisfied with an ADA product, have you?

ADA makes no reference to tourmaline as an electrowhatchamacallit, and as far as the critics are concerned, who was the first person to say "hey, I bet our plants would like some iron"?

Here's some real information:

It's a complex silicate, containing a plethora of minerals. Including calcium, sodium, potassium, lithium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, aluminum, chromium, etc etc etc.

Could this 'gem', also perhaps have some ACTUAL FUNCTIONAL use? I've got to say... most likely! As far as it being electroactive, it probably is, it contains the same minerals that a lithium battery and in some cases alkaline battery. Does the electrical aspect of the gem have any awesome plant growing powers? nah, but it seems to be packed with micro nutrients.

Come on guys, why so critical? I mean, I haven't ever used it, but I've looked into using it! I'm assuming none of you have used it either. Just because you didn't think to use it first, doesn't mean it might not have a use. Whatever happened to keeping an open mind?
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