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'freshwater reef' JG's Mr. Aqua Cube

So after my summer madness at work this year I had the opportunity to move from my beloved cubicle into an office. Weird at first as to what am I going to do with all this room... now I'm getting settled in. I got clearance from the department director to set up a small cube after thinking about it for a bit. Wasn't sure if I really wanted to deal with a tank at work, definitely really don't have time or motivation to be mucking about with water changes, ferts, co2, etc.
I decided on the Mr Aqua 12x12x12 7.5 cube as the price was too hard to pass up. Never owned an ADA tank so I don't know what I'm missing anyway. Never had a cube tank to work with either now that I think about it.

So after the decision was made to go forward I knew I wanted several things from the tank and layout. I want virtually no maintenance other than topping off water as needed, I'm bringing a gallon of water from home once a week for top offs. This building is mad old and I don't trust the pipes. No trimming, replanting, no stems. Didn't want a fern/crypt type of tank as I have something like that at home. So in keeping with those thoughts I came up with this.

I had some spare seiryu laying around that didn't fit into other layouts. I'm not concerned with it increasing the water hardness as our tap here is borderline RO already without even considering the aquasoil. I struggled at first with visualizing a layout for a cube... quite difficult given my self inflicted constraints of no stems which also includes any kind of carpet that requires maintenance. After a while a thought came to my head. Pile up the rocks like salty folks do with "live rock" and make a fake saltwater freshwater tank using only mini pellia (also called coral pellia haha!). So thats what I did. I'm thinking of possibly adding in some chunks of subwassertang as well depending on how plain it looks with just the pellia. We'll see in a few months.

Heres the nuts and bolts:
12x12x12 Mr. Aqua
Hampton Bay 27W desk light
Aquaclear AC20 filter
Azoo plantbed natural (bottom substrate layer)
Aquasoil Amazonia type I (upper layer)

Not planning on stems so the substrate should never mix until I break it down. Honestly it doesn't really look that bad mixed together. Had to use two types because its what I had on hand but in the end I like the look.

It was just "planted" a few days ago. Basically took 10 minutes and superglue gelled the mini pellia to the stones. It'll be a while before it starts getting that reef look if ever.

Journals are worthless without pics so here goes:

Thanks for looking. Comments and critiques welcome.
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