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Lots of new toys in the mail yesterday!

My dog, Bella, made sure everything was accounted for...

My new Eheim 2217 arrived along with 2 Eheim powerballs that I'll use for surface agitation and some additional flow through the tank...

I set up the Eheim last night so it can go ahead and begin to build up some beneficial bacteria. I have two complaints about the 2217. First off, it doesn't prime as easily as the 2236. I drank a lot of fish water last night trying to suck-syphon the pressure hose into the canister before starting it. My second complaint is that the hoses are only like 3 feet long! They just barely cleared the top of the tank. I'll need some new hose. Is Home Depot or Lowes ok for replacement hose, or do I need to order something special from Eheim?

My C02 system from GLA also arrived. 10lb CO2 tank, Smith Regulator with dual manifold (hard to tell from the photo, but 2 needle valves and 2 bubble counters). 2 diffusers and 2 drop checkers.

I hope to receive my Eco Complete this weekend and next weekend do a complete tear down of this tank and start over. If everything goes as planned, I want to have this tank up and running with CO2 by Monday 11/15.

Any ideas as to where most people take their CO2 tanks to be filled?

I also received some Blyxa Japonica from "cfi on the fly". He said it was a "large amount" and he wasn't kidding...

That photo was just the first of two gallon ziplock bags full!! I put it all in a 38g that I have running with nothing in it along with some runners from an amazon sword. These will eventually go in this tank when I replant it.

I'm waiting on the Eco-Complete, and thats the funniest part of this whole build. Petco had a FREE shipping promotion on orders more than $60. I guess that includes 304lbs of Eco Complete. I got the email the other day with 8 different Fed Ex tracking numbers for my order. I can only imagine coming home to Fed Ex boxes scattered all around my front door. I bet Petco changed their promotion after this.

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