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Thanks guys.

@ OoglyBoogly: The tank is already up and running (but not completely stocked or planted). It's just taking me a while to get everything uploaded. Your idea of a complete ecosystem was exactly what I'm going for with this build.

@ ylot77: I'm glad you appreciate the details. I've definitely learned a lot from this build and hope that some of this may be useful to others. I think the plumbing is reasonably straightforward in comparison to some of the other builds that I've seen on this site, but I'll certainly post about it in detail.

@ shane3fan: I'm still not entirely sure of inhabitants yet. I'm thinking of leaving the emersed part empty for now until the plants really establish. I was hoping to ultimately get some dart frogs, but I don't want to deal with breeding fruit flies in my current apartment. For the water portion, I've got a bunch of clown loaches that I'm in the process of moving in and I may get some other smaller loach species (eg. kubotai). Not yet sure of other inhabitants.

Stay tuned for more updates.
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