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Originally Posted by the_deeb View Post
Ok, I need to get back to work so that's it for now - I'll post some more updates soon.
Whoa @ using pond shield the way you did. What a novel and interesting idea. I like it! Are you just posting the process of a finished product and are taking a break or is your last post of pics where you are currently at with the build? I can't wait to see the finished product! This is something I've always wanted. It's like the literal next step from a mini ecosystem. I built a goldfish pond outdoors with glass blocks in the rock for viewing the fish that I use in conjunction with aquaponics which is the closest that I've come to using water for fish and growing plants (for looks and eating). I covered the rocks with terrestial mosses and tweaked the flow of water all over the slate rocks used in the waterfall so that there is a very slow flow of water that keeps the moss moist. I see all sorts of fauna landing on the moss for a drink of water from birds, bees, wasps, dragonflies etc... Anyways it's my cosntant ongoing project in a temperate climate where winter corrects any overzealous effort that I have for growing something where it shouldn't be.
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