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OK, finally got some pictures of the most recent plantings. I'm still dealing with algae, and as posted above have reduced the photoperiod and increased the rate of CO2. No inhabitants yet, so I guess I can crank it right up...

Tonight I manually removed as much of the hair algae as I could with a brush. These pictures were taken after the cleaning.


Left Side:

Right side:

Closeup of some of the algae on the fissidens rocks:

and on the rocks:

After doing a lot of research on the algae, and how best to handle it, I'm really trying to practice the most important rule: patience...

I'm also unhappy with the frogbit. I believe that the roots have grown so long because of a lack of nitrates. I'm still cycling, and have 0 nitrite and nitrate. The ammonia just started dropping from 4 ppm two days ago, to 2 ppm today. That's the first change in the cycle that started on 10/21 with seeded filter media. After the cycle is competed, I'm hoping that the roots will stay shorted. Oh, and you may have noticed that the crypts on the left side have all started melting. I've been expecting that. At least there are new leaves coming on most of the plants. The HM behind the rock on the right side has almost doubled in height, so it seems happy.

Patience, patience, patience... I'd love to be able to throw some ottos or shrimp in here to start cleaning up the algae. Patience, patience, patience.
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