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Spent the weekend cleaning out the cabinet and installing some Xenon lighting

Installed my Eheim 2236 I purchased from ClintonSParsons (thanks again!!).

I still have the piggyback filter on the tank as well and another larger canister filter on the way to replace it, but plan on using the 2236 as well and decided it is best to go ahead and get a bacterial build up in this filter before I tear the tank down to install Eco-Complete.

I also painted the back of the tank black with some flat interior latex paint. Looks MUCH better

I removed the powerheads and the uptake tubes as one of the powerheads grenaded when it sucked up a snail shell. Sounded like a rock in a blender!

Should receive my C02 setup from GLA this week as well as the Eco-Complete and another canister filter. Hope to begin the new canister filter this week and hopefully do a full teardown and rebuild in two weeks. Would like to have this tank up and running by mid-month.

I would like as much feedback as possible from everyone on what to do with the scape. How would you utilize the driftwood that is already in the tank. Please give me some ideas while I have the time!

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