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I need some advice folks! Talk me into replacing the store-bought gravel with some sort of substrate. Tell me it will be worth it. Tell me the pain in the @$$ of pulling all the old gravel out and the money involved in new gravel will be worth it. Tell me that making my 5 VERY large angels live in a 38 gal tank in the meantime while the new substrate settles and PH balances will be worth it.

Please give me all your opinions, ideas and suggestions!

**EDIT** Just purchased 16 bags of Eco-Complete from They have a promotion right now for free shipping on orders over $60. I can't imagine the look on their shipper's face when he realizes he is about to ship 320 lbs of substrate for free. Furthermore how I'm going to get in the house next week after UPS barricades it with boxes filled with Eco-Complete.


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