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15 Gallon: Long & Low. Scarlet Badis & Red Cherry Shrimp

well this is my first serious planted tank.. my first tank is a low light 40 gallon that was going to be my centre piece... BUT due to unforseeable issues.. i just cant justify putting more money in this tank.

so onto the new project. 15 gallon long.. shrimp tank so far.

bought the tank at an ACE auction 1$
co2 regulator 35$
flame moss 8$

as of yet:
no substrate
no filter
no co2

the tank needs some work.. a reseal and a REALLY good scrubbing, paint removal, and label removal. the reseal is a write off.. The bf has resealed his share of tanks, the 140, the 110, the 170.... lol i think im covered there.

i have a large supply of cherry shrimp waiting for me at a friends house until im ready to go... Thanks Candice!!!

well ill update soon..


Long & Low 15 gallon (Scarlet Badis)
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