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R.I.P Anoshka :(

The tanks all planted now, just need to take some pictures of the whole setup. Not really scaped to perfection, or any standard really but I like it. The plants all seem to be doing well too!

My good old Betta died recently of dropsy Im gutted to be honest. But on the up side my nano got its first inhabitants apart from my diseaced betta. I got hold of some Celestial Pearl Danios in which the pictures are to come! There colours are amazing already, there such little gems. I have found I have to leave the room for them to feed as they are really shy and finicky eaters when Im there.

I promised myself I wouldnt add another Betta unless I found a real beauty. So I did some searching around my area (I ventured quite far out in the end) and found a really good Betta Splendens Crown Tail by English standard. Here he is bellow


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