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J's 125gal - Angel Tank

This tank was given to me by one of my technicians who found it in a storage shed in a house he purchased. It was set up in the waiting area of the garage that I ran for a few years, very basic with common community fish. The owner of the company needed more room in the waiting area and I had moved out of my apartment into a house, so the tank came home with me. It became the home of one of my favorite pets of all time, "Leonidas" a red-tail catfish...

Unfortunately, the heaters in the tank failed and I lost Leonidas. I came home from work, figured it out, but it was too late. He had shocked from the cold temps and died. He was getting very close to outgrowing the tank anyway, but I had plans to donate him to a local public aquarium.

I switched gears and shifted to an angelfish tank, and since my red-tail would have torn up any plants, I never really focused on planting the tank. It had some garbage single-bulb flourescents that would have barely grown anything, so it was never in my plans to plant this tank. Had 3-4 pairs of angels breed in this tank and would seperate them into a breeder tank before spawns and raise the fry. Never made it much further than that, but recently purchased new lighting for the tank to begin improving it as an angel-only breeder tank. And thus begins this tank's rebuild.

Tank: 125 Gal
Filtration: Eheim 2217 Canister, Eheim 2236 Canister Filter
Lighting: 2 x Custom T5 fixtures - (3x 39watt 6500K bulbs, 1 - 39watt 10K in each) (built by Catalina Aquarium)
Co2: 10lb tank, w/ dual manifolds, Smith regulator, set at 8 bps (built by GLA)
Heater: 2 x 200 watt Stealth
Substrate: Eco Complete
Hardscape: Store-bought driftwood
Ferts: PFertz kit

Flora: Limnophila aromatica, ludwigia ovalis, Polygonum sp. Kawagoeanum, blyxa japonica, dwarf hairgrass, rotala red, amazon sword, xmas moss, pygmy chain sword, red tiger lotus, green tiger lotus, rotala roundtfolia

Fauna Angelfish (Veiled Gold Marble, 2 Gold, Black, Silver)

Future plans include relocating angels from my other tanks to this one, removing undergravel, new powerheads, canister filtration, more plants, fertilization, possibly C02.

Comments, opinions, ideas are all welcome!


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