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Originally Posted by chilled_fire View Post
even tough the tank is heavily planted it looks refreshingly green, i liked the rocks how did you get the moss on it ?
I sorta improvised the moss on the rocks. The guy aqmagic that sells moss (thats where i got alla the moss from) suggested you use one layer of stainless steel mesh for the moss to grab onto and then the green plastic mesh you see in the pictures on top.. but he wanted tons of money (probably like 30$ worth of mesh for the rocks and everything) for the mesh, so i just bought extra of the way cheaper plastic mesh (only a few bucks, i did everything you see that has nets on it for like 5$ and its all double layered).. I cut out basic shapes around the size of the rocks twice, and "stitched" the edges with fishing line, doing all but 1 side.. then stuffed in the moss, and then stitched the 4th side, and then just tied strings from each side and ran them across and tied them to the other side to stretch the net over the rocks.. took some time but fairly simple, and should (hopefully) look alright when it grows out. so far theres a lot of moss starting to poke out of the mesh which shows that its growing so im happy about that haha.. in 2 or 3 months you shouldnt really see the mesh.

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