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after much struggling with these 10's to make them "rimless" i finally got them bad boys off, lol. there is a silicone residue that i was not able to eliminate even with a razor. i also installed the shop lights but i am not sure if it is a good distance from the tanks. also, those lights seem to be emitting some heat which kind of scares me due to the fact that i need that tank to stay in the low 70's due to CRS's. i will monitor the temp closely.

The stand was relatively easy to make. of course that is not how it is going to remain but for the time being i just built the structure and i will by all the wood to make it all nice pretty later .

i included a shot of the 5.5 at the end with a shot of the gorgeous RCS i got from Nature Aquarium locally, i swear they look like fire reds! ($3.50ea, what a bargain!)

on to the pics:

please excuse the water marks on the 10's, i had just finished cleaning them. also, the pics are super exposed, i had to shoot on auto because i'm kind of in a rush.

well, let me know if you have any feedback, good or bad .
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