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Good prices on Cherries and Amano's SF Bay Area


Theres this place in San Mateo off of Hillsdale Blvd called "Fish for You" I hadn't been there for a while, but he seems to ramping up his supply of cool stuff. More plants then I've ever seen in there, but it's still so Ocean or Albany, but anyways today he just got a shipment of cherries and amanos. He tells me that he can also get tiger shrimp and others from his supplier.

The current Amanos are about 1" size and are selling for $3 each
The cherries are very small like 1/8" and where $4 each
They looked very healthy...especially the Amanos.

He quoted me these prices off the top of his head since he just got them in so you may want to double check, but I just thought I'd let folks know who are in the market for these guys.

Their number is 650-349-9147. The owner's name is Alex.

I am not affiliated at all with this place, but the owner is a nice guy and I've been going there for a number of years for the basics and now seeing him getting into more of the planted scene I'd like to get him as much support as possible especially since he's a local.
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