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Originally Posted by The_Finglonger View Post
This is an interesting tank. I think you'll have more enjoyment with more viewing space. How about a downward slope from top to bottom, back to front? It's a shame to have half of the tank to be unviewable. It sounds like you have a lot of neat little fish in there that are hiding. I used to be very interested in African cichlids myself, that was until I discovered discus fish.

Here is a pic I found:

I know that's a lot of sand but I just thing it's a lot more dynamic and open.
Believe it or not, I really do enjoy not being able to see the fish all the time. I think it makes them more comfortable and relaxed-more likely to spawn. Plus it is exciting when they do pop out in a skirmish over territory. My goal was to try to duplicate a really close up view of the shore of Lake Tanganyika in the rocky zone. From my research on the Internet, and books, I did the best I could to duplicate it. I wanted massive rocks, as that is what is in Lake Tanganyika.

The photo you gave would look good with shell dwellers like Neolamprologus ocellatus. They do live in shallow sandy areas near river mouths, plus you could get away with Vallisneria here too.

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