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Sloot is driving over to work tomorrow to deliver 5 Paracyprichromis breeding adults, don't know the sex ratio or locality, 5 Altolamprologus compressiceps-don't know the locality, and one Neo. buescheri. I have 5 adult breeding N. leleupi I could add in and get them out of the 38 they are in, plus my own Alto. compressiceps, but I am not sure. I do like the buescheri and would like to get more, but I also like J. regani kipili a whole lot too.

I also have my 4 adult Synodontis lucipinnis, but I am thinking of separating them and trying to spawn them. I'll never get them out of the tank without removing the rocks.

Mike-most of the rocks were all dug up from my back yard over the course of 20 years. I think I bought the first big rock I have in the bottom(the one with the scale on it in the beginning) for a buck at the garden center down the street from my house.

I was looking behind the rocks today and there is a whole lot of room back there very dark and cave like. There is about 6" of space behind the rocks at least. I am guessing the Paracyps will like that a lot.

12/10/09 PM:

I have 3 male and 2 female Paracyps. I think one female is holding eggs. I put the N. buescheri in too. All have settled in well and have eaten some flake food already. I will be looking for a few more females once I figure out the locality of the Paracyps I have. I also want to get some more buescheri. They were all purchased at Absolutely Fish in Clifton, NJ. I did take some photo's of the cleared up tank, but the Paracyps are hanging out in the dark areas behind the rocks mostly and didn't get them. One male did hang out nose down right on the surface of the big dark rock on the right of the tank. Looked pretty cool.

I didn't put the Alto. calvus (not compressiceps) in the 37 gallon tank as I am not sure I really want to keep them. Sloot says they are two years old. One bad thing happened. I didn't acclimate them to the water slowly and they went into stress right away. I checked pH and it was about 7.5. I don't know what Sloot kept them at. I added some buffer-2 tsp and 2 tsp of lake salts. One died anyway. The other 4 are still alive and just sitting on the bottom, but look like they will pull through.

Relatively clear water photo's, with the Paracyprichromis nigripinnis from Sloot, plus one Neo. buescheri.

Full Tank shot, with the Paracyps swimming around:

Right side, with the Paracyps on the flat rock up top:

Center, slight rust staining on right side rock:


I added a rock on the left to cover the silicone. The fish like it already. I have to look at it a little more. What do you think?


I am getting a growth of algae all over the rocks that are in the light. It started out as brown algae, now it is progressing to a green filamentous algae. It is pearling really well. Small bubbles floating up from it. This is a non CO2 tank too.

I cleaned the front glass today as it was getting really full of algae.

My fish are settling in fine. They just motor around the surface of the rocks and hang out. They pick at the rocks/algae from time to time. I feed them very, very small feedings a few times a day.

There is almost as much space behind the rocks in the dark as there is in the front. If I poke my head around the side and look back there I can see where the N. buescheri was starting to excavate a hole. At least I think it was him. He's not there any more.

I have thought about setting up a video camera to watch back behind the rocks, but I'm not sure how to go about that. What is involved in doing that?


I was at work on Saturday after I planted my garlic and took a video of the tank. I had to split it up into two videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

This tank has two 65 watt PC bulbs over a 65 gallon tank. Sounds like 2 watts per gallon, but with the large rocks shading the back half of the tank, and me having the lights up near the front of the tank, I am thinking I have closer to 4 watts per gallon over the front half of this tank. The algae that is growing is a filamentous green type, and it is pearling!! Today I saw one of my Julidochromis regani "Kipili" grab a piece of the algae off of the rock and swim around with it in its mouth. I wonder if it ate it?

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