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Originally Posted by blazer View Post
I have been to Fintastic in Charlotte - the best setup in NC or SC I've seen so far. They have lots of live plants and equipment. Their prices are $$$$ though.
Fintastics is outrageous in price. I moved here from Florida where there was a fish store on every corner and about had a heart attack when I saw their prices. They do negotiate some though. All sales persons are commisioned paid. I did do one custom order with them ( 7 bags of flourite black and 7 bags of flourite black sand ) and I got about 2 dollars a bag cheaper than anywhere I could find and no shipping cost. I guess this is because They wouldn't have sold me anything if they didn't. It's a shame that there are so few good aqautic stores in a major city like Charlotte. I know of one other good one but it's all saltwater.
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