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Originally Posted by WillyJ View Post
Cool! Exotic Aquatics has a bunch of Mopani, but I'd really like to find some more "gangly" wood for my new Walstad tank (Manzanita fits this desire well). I have Mopani in my high-tech and it looks nice, but I'd like to have a piece of driftwood with multiple branches reaching out from a central "trunk" for the new tank. Also, I'm worried that a big heavy piece of Mopani may lead to an anoxic zone in the soil.

Hmm.. I have a big, heavy mess of driftwood right in the middle of my tank. I can definitely see it causing an anoxic zone, although there is a cave that goes through the middle so it can't be too big.

Is it true that a burrowing team of Malaysian trumpet shrimp will keep the soil aerated? They certainly disappear during the day.
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