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Here is my co2 setup

this past sunday i made a bactch of my first diy co2
i put 2cups sugar and 1 flieshmans packet and filled with luke warm water and then shaked
hooked up the line and then fed it into the tank with a airstone on the end, and its clogged twice so far
it puts out jjust tiny stream of tiny bubbles
and now it's every few seconds it puts out a bunch
in the beginning it was a steady flow, my problem now is that i see the bubbles at the top just sitting there
this is a 29g and i have a penguin 170 and a cheapo walmart filter about 20g one in there
so im dumbfounded as to why the little bubbles are just lying up top ??
any ideas ?

I want to just use a air stone if possible
1 because im just not that mechanicaly inclined 2 i dont want a ph crash
my ph out of the tap is 7.6 and gh and kh at 1 !!
i just checked the ph tonite and i'd say its around 7.0-7.2 so it must be working a tad, my plants do seem to perk up just a little lately and i increased the light to 10hrs from 7 I'll try to get a pic up tomorrow. as far as the bulbs go I think the 2nd cheaper one woudl be better to due to cost but i just checked that page again and the expensive one they sell one at a time the cheaper one is a case at a time, wonder if i can get them to change there rules ? or find it somewhere else maybe ? on a side note to the co2 setup i have shouldnt it be coming out the entire air stone not just a tiny tiny spot on the bottom ? maybe i have a leak ? i didnt glue the line going thru the cap, i made a really small hole enough for the tip go thru and used a pair of pliers to pull it thru and it was not easy to say the least so im preety sure its' air tight
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