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Jadelin, As I closed my post with the statement, 'this is not opinion its fact and easily verified with a little research.' The clock starts all over again after a positive ID of a problem. 30 day minimum 45 days recommended on most breeder sites also by posters with years in the biz.

It can take 21 days for some internal parasites to show, not all. Fish stressed by shipping can take 7-10 days for something to take hold then start to go south health wise. So 7-10 + 21 and that's not the life cycle on all of the stuff you don't want. A single exposure to something like Camallanus worms infecting one of your heavily planted tanks and you'll know why 45 days. Fish can be literally riddled with these worms and show no signs or effect untill triggered by an event then discharge them into your tank and the eggs can survive without a host and re-infect after 3 weeks as just one example.

I ordered 12 DDSV angels and didn't lose the first fish for several months then lost everyone of them about three days to a week apart. Lost all the other angels in that tank too. I will treat all new arrivals now with Flubendazole 10% powder, Levamisole HCl powder then count a 30 day period.

Gram negative bacteria in 14 panda cory's and I have the last two in a 10g quantine tank that won't start they're 30 day clock until the last Maracyn II dose Friday. This started 8/19/10. From the last death then from the last treatment I won't count any time. I can link you to a post by a breeder in Colorado that was wiped out by a 'healthy fish' that sat in a holding tank for 3 weeks prior to being placed in his fish room.

If its just one tank, cheap fish, stuff you don't mind losing your choice.
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