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Originally Posted by El Funko View Post
I looked at this tank when I got my Edge. It's cool, the way the water trickles into it. As you've pointed out, it may not be enough light to grow much, but I'll be watching to see how your shrimp like it. Which shrimp are you thinking of adding?

Big tank's nice too...
Yeah, the lighting is god awful but I'm going to wait it out a few months to see what, if any, growth I get before I do away with the neat trickle filter and replace that and the light.

I haven't decided on the shrimp yet...the guy I'm getting them from has RCS and BPS (I think?) and I can't have them both, so I've got to pick between those two. I've got a bit of time to decide though...this thing has to get back on track from the duckweed disaster before I chance putting shrimp in it. I'll probably go with the cherries though because they seem like they'd be more noticable in the low light of this tank.
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