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Heather's Fluval Chi--Future shrimp tank redux. Photo and new scape 3.9.11

My first foray into shrimp keeping.

I had a long post made with all the details but my browser ate it (bad browser!) so here's the short version:

I love the looks of this tank, only wish it was brighter. There's no mods available for the lighting so it looks like I'll be waiting a year for my moss to fill in before I can even begin to shape it how I want to. Oh well, though, this tank is more for the shrimp than the actual plants...and as long as the shrimp are happy frolicing on haggard-looking moss, then I'm happy

But then again, I might end up using my zoomed 501 and buying one of those lights from The Home Depot and turn this into a medium-tech tank and have more than just moss in it...time will tell. For now I've got the deformed moss tree and some groundcover moss, with a betta in to keep things going (he'll be out once the shrimp are in, of course). I'm waiting things out because I made the big mistake of putting duckweed in there and it all got sucked into the filter and pretty well messed it I've been performing daily maintenance on it trying to get it suitable for shrimp again (hence the cloudiness and random stuff hanging on to the moss fronds)

Anyway, on to the photos:


Lower angle:

Side View:


And little Chi's position next to my big tank:

Go ahead. Laugh away. Or not, haha whichever you prefer. I just can't wait to get shrimp in this baby!

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