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Ok, just a follow up, i just visited the Fish Store today for root tabs and a heater. although the tanks all looked clean and most of the fish looked healthy there were a number of dead ones, about half a dozen just hanging out. I'd say no one bothered with checking or cleaning them out today or yesterday at least cause there was a 5 inch pleco that was obviously there in the open for a while covered in snails.

Also dealt with an underling and when i mentioned that my heater in my hospital tank was toast and would only run on the high setting putting the tank way over the temp, he actually asked if i had tried to adjust the temp! ummm yeah.

Then when i picked up some fert root tabs and asked him how long he felt they were good for (this is after i explained what i was looking for and that the person on the phone i talked to said the instructions said about 4 months) he said, "Umm you could just go by what the instructions say." hhmmmmm.

I've got a real problem when the sales person just assumes all the customers coming in are idiots. reasons like this while people will just go to the big box stores to save a little money, if they aren't going to get decent customer service anyways might as well save a few bucks. and there's a petco 4 blocks away!
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