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Went back there today. The sale is still going on, but a lot of the tanks were empty. Some fish that caught my eye were Electric blue rams, balloon rams, kribensis, Bolivian rams, galaxy rasboras, CPOs, and lots of albino bristlenose. I was hoping to pick up an oto or two, but they didn't have any in stock. Prices are pretty good now considering the 2nd fish is 1/2 off.

Plant selection is still pretty decent, but the glass on the plant holding tanks are a little hazy and unclear due to algae. Some plants also have this black fuzzy algae on them.

I did buy a huge moss ball for only $10.69. It's larger than a softball, maybe around the size of a small cantaloupe. It's also real because I asked the employee if I could hold it and it was hollow inside.

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