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Originally Posted by fresh.salty View Post
Someone help me please. I barely made it through algebra in high school in 1973. lol
Anyway, I have an empty 2L bottle of Excel. How much Metricide do I need in the bottle to come up with something about the same strength.
Been using it in my 90g for clean up but also in my 3g. I'd prefer not using it full strength since the 3g dosage is already real small.
We can't help you as we don't know the strength of YOUR bottle of Metricide. It varies.
People can't even agree on the percentage of Gluteraldyhde in Excel. Apparently it varied over time and Seachem changed their MSDS sheet a year or so back so it doesn't list it anymore.

Give us the strength of the Metricide you have and someone will give you an amount of water to add to X amount of Metricide to reach a specific concentration equivalent. is offline  
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