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been to all the places in lincoln. Unfortunately like anything, it always depends on who you deal with and what mood they are in. I've had great service from both these locations, and i've also called and hung up thinking these people didn't have a clue. Haven't been to fish world in a while, my brother was a big fan of theirs but last time i was at the fish store their fish were all reasonably priced but they are limited on selection of other items and sometimes i feel they way overcharging on these items. There is only one guy that i like to deal with their, dont' know if he is the owner or not, younger guy around 30 or so, but that dude was super helpful, knew his stuff, and was totally pleasant. I actually felt like he cared about his customers and the tanks.

Downside with Fish Store like others have mentioned, although their tanks usually look pretty nice (and i've never been in a fish store where at least one tank didn't have a sick fish in it) I think everytime i've bought fish from them i've gotten home, put them in the tank and a day later realized they had ich and the tank would have it a day later. here come the salt, the higher temps, and the frequent water changes. One of the main reasons i set up the 10 gallon observation/hospital tank.

But, i'd still rather try and figure out when the one guy i like is working and come in on those days then go to petco.

One a different note, there was another place around here like a big petco but a different name. went in there looking for lighting, bought a dual fixture 24", 48watt t5 ho light for 20 bucks cause someone had incorrectly tagged it from 124 dollars to 24. The register lady looked at me like i was trying to scamm them but it was their official bar code, i thought i was just getting a deal until i looked it up online and saw how much it really was. i think i paid more for the bulbs. I liked that store a lot for a while.
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