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Great start Eden, I was in the office all day and could not get this started, so here is my submission's, I will list what I saw the other day after visiting most of the north denver / boulder stores.

The one thing we should stress, this is NOT a review topic. As us Coloradans know
our LFS are very spread apart. This post is to help reduce wasted trips. I typically go to the boulder stores at least once per month, sometimes more lol.

Aqua Imports
2690 28th Street
Boulder, 80301

Aquatic Residence
Celestial Pearl Danios
Chili Rasboras
German Blue Rams
"Emerald Rasboras"
Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish
Badis Badis
Paradox Stickleback
Threadfin Rainbows
They have several brackish tanks as well.
Special note: They can get just about anything you are looking for. Just ask if you do not see it in a tank.

Denver Tropical Fish Warehouse
3401 S Chambers Rd
Aurora, Colorado 80014

Aquatic Residence
Celestial Pearl Danio's
Dwarf Puffers
Various ram species
Dwarf Neon Rainbows
Congo Tetras
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