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When you say you "did a 29g", do you mean you have two 24 inch T8 bulbs in series on a 2-F32T8 ballast? What is your current setup? Switching to a bluer bulb will make things look a lot better, but I doubt your plants will start growing significantly faster. CO2 is more likely lacking. Post on the main forum about your CO2 system and maybe that will bring something to light.

As far as your bulb selection, those Phillips bulbs sound great! I'm not sure what is the dilemma, though.

$7.44 98 CRI, 850 lumens
$2.50 86 CRI, 1400 lumens
(both 5000K)

I'd go for the second bulb. CRI is so very subjective and what they consider to be a good Color Rendering in one application will be deplorable in another application. I'd go for the lower cost and higher output of the second, 1400 lumen bulb.

I've never tried two 24" bulbs in series (if you're even using them in this manner) so I can't be certain of the actual output. I'm going to be doing some experimentation this weekend, though, so I'll let you guys know what I find.

Let us know some more details about your setup and we can help you decide which might be the best way to go.

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