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well im gonna assume they are all chemicals... and potassium which im sure we have bags of dry ferts with potassium in it... if its pure it is highly highly explosive... so chemicals are nothing to play with period, always wear protection if your dealing with anything, and read MSDS sheets!

Whats interesting is that it was stated as a chemical used to kill things...
While its a good source of carbon im not sure that "cides" are good things to be dosing pets and much cared for plants... while it is cheaper than co2 systems and much more easily regulated than diy systems, it is still a "poison" of types and should be treated as such... I wonder if maybe thats why shooting it directly onto algae helps kill it, i was assuming that the carbon factor simply stunted the algae somehow... now im thinking your spraying the algae with a herbicide and before it has time to dilude (10ml into 55 gal is a hell of a dilution for something thats already diluded to 1.7/100th).
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