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We had a couple bad pictures get one from spammer on another forum, it was only a couple though, taken care of quickly, but after that for about a week my computer was silently downloading other, ryhmes with corn, pictures onto my computer, like in my picture files. It was weird, and now lately my computer has been on the frits, I will be on for less then 5 minutes and it already is so slow that I don't see half of what I type til I press send. Also, whenever I right click, the box doesn't appear, but if I drag over it the words highlight...

I had a heck of a time with the site hack here, if I clicked on TPT, it would go to the blocked page, but I would hit ignore and it would freeze, I made it threw but it was under maintenance, and then froze.

EDIT: I've runs scans using two different softwares, deep scans, and nothing showed up. It won't matter too much I'm getting a new laptop for xmas (hopefully)

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