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HI all been awhile since my last post but, i saw that link on myfishtank for the od bulbs and did a 29g but my problem is i can't find anything local higher than3500k
in the 24in size my plants are decent in there but not exactly thriving like they should, I thought it might be lack of co2 so i did teh diy co2 but 4 days now and they seem to have perked up a little but should be doing better so i went hunting again !! for bulbs

i found this at
I found one bulb by phillips
that is a 24in T8 5000k I even called them and they said there not aware of anything h igher than 5000k in a 24in T8 so this bulb is 5000k at 7.44$ each with 98cri & 850 lumens
or go to 5000k 1400 lumens but 86cri at 2.50$ each
what do u guys think i should do there ?
or what i could do is this move the end caps down to 18in and get 4 18in and stagger them because they do make a 18in bulb at 6500k 79cri and 660 lumens

What do you guys think i should do ??
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