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Re: Planted Tank Hacked

Kyle has been great as far as staying on top of this. Unfortunately until this is flushed through ALL the browsers, web crawls, and any other tracking that used a cached system these error will continue. A lot of what is being seen is, your browser is warning you that a breach has occurred on the server, and until all the servers (web servers, ,db servers) this warning message will continue. In most cases this doesn't signify an attack on your pc, but a warning for a previous breach. Normally web servers at yahoo,MSN, Google, et all are cleared on a 36 to 48 hour schedule, but smaller places could be as much as 7 days, even longer. As a security specialist I highly recommend against disabling any warning messages. As I put in my other post, I hope I didn't cross a line, as of now, while I can't contribute on a plant level, I can contribute a little in the technical realm.

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