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Thanks for the heads up. I'm more than open to advice. If you want to send me a link please do, that way i can atleast check to ensure that isn't what this is.

I think it is just a coincidence that it happened on or near 9/11.

The exploit that i linked to was discovered a couple of days ago, and the symptoms of the hack were identical to the ones described there. I was able to locate the injected code and verified that it does not exist anymore after updating.

- Kyle

Originally Posted by dzydvl View Post
Kyle, I'm an IT security admin by trait. Approximately 4 years ago there was a 9-11 hack done. The way it worked was to plant it on servers, and it would randomly (9-11 on random years) activate. I'm sure you are already aware of this, so I do apologize if this is repeated information. The initial hack was more of a worm, not really not meant to do damage. Unfortunately like all hacks, variants were written. I will try and dig up the security info I had on it. Again, I don't mean to intrude, just want to share what I know, I apologize if I crossed a line. I know some forums to get touchy when members try and offer information. This does not seem like one of those places, which is why I wanted to send a message.

sent from my phone, because I can't get the internet out in the boonies.

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