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JRMott's 30 Gallon Planted Journal

I've been in the planning stages of a planted tank for a while now, and finally received all of the equipment I needed to start a planted tank. Currently waiting for driftwood from the Unique Driftwood thread in the S&S forum. I don't have a place to soak it besides the tank itsself, so I will prob wait for it to sink before adding plants, a few weeks I imagine.

Full Tank Shot, 9/9/10

Full Tank Shot, 9/23/10

Full Tank Shot, 9/25/10

Full Tank Shot, 10/7/10

Full Tank Shot, 6/4/11

Full Tank Shot, 6/16/11

Full Tank Shot, 7/7/11 (pre replant)

Full Tank Shot, 7/7/11 (post replant)

Full Tank Shot, 7/19/11 (pre-trim)

Full Tank Shot, 7/19/11 (post-trim)

Full Tank Shot, 7/25/11

Full Tank Shot, 9/24/11

Full Tank Shot, 1/5/12

Full Tank Shot, 12/20/12

30 gallon tank
96w 6700K PC light
Marineland C220 filter
Ebo Jager 150W heater
Drop Checker
Pressurized CO2
Eco Complete

I have an extra bag of Eco Complete, the calculator on this site said I'd need 3.5 bags to fill my tank. So far I've used 3 and it seems deep enough but may add the extra 1/2 bag later.

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