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Now that I knew what light I was using, it was time to find a stand. Easy right, wrong.

Again, this size tank just makes it not easy to find one. I know ADA sells one, but $700 is just out of the question. I was just about to start planning on building one and my wife calls me from Walmart of all places and tells me she thinks she found one. Later that evening we go to look at it and she was right. The color and size are perfect. $129 and we are out!

I get home and start building it and notice a big crack in the top piece. Murphy’s law right. This was the last one at that Walmart, so I called it a night and told myself to worry about it the next morning.

The next day I start searching for another Walmart with this in stock and guess what, I find one and they have it on sale for $59. Woo Hoo! I was so mad when I saw the crack, but things just happen for a reason.

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