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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
No, it's just one method adds ferts to the sediment, the other to the water column.

I took the assumption that water column ferts do not lead to algae.
This was shown to be correct for CO2 and non CO2 enriched aquariums.

Now.........this does not imply you should not use both of these locations for ferts either:ico n_excl

You can use either or, or you might use both, we all use both to some degree, but in general........we often go with one or the other.
Hopefully that attitude will change and more will use BOTH locations.

Peat has little nutrients in and of itself.

I would opt for ADA AS or a good clay top soil that's been washed, or Worm compost that's been boiled about 10 minutes in water, then dried and worked into some sand, say 2-3mm size with a 2-3" cap.

Those are 3 options, some use a thin layer, say 5-8 grams per square ft of osmocoat.

They all add similar things.

Some floating plants are a good idea, since they can mop up any excess and block intense light and do not require added CO2. But say 10-20% coverage only.

Tom Barr
Currently trying to decide between mineralized top soil and ADA AS for a low tech setup. For me, the main advantage of MTS would be less or possibly no dosing. Disadvantage would be possibly being messy as I'm not a great aquascaper and the fact that I'm only gonna do one Nano right now so economy of scale dictates that I won't see any savings for one small tank.

ADA AS, I'm concerned about it turning to mud. I thought this problem had been taken care of, but I still see it being brought up.

-Does MTS really last for 8 years or more without being depleted?

-Anything I can add to the ADA to make it perform like the MTS? Osmocoat on the bottom, etc...

Thanks and I hope this isn't a thread hijack and that the info is useful to the OP and others.
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