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Took some pictures today with my point and shoot camera instead of the usual iphone pics.

I took some of my staurogyne and glued it to the wood, it actually grows pretty well attached this way. I may cover the rest of the exposed wood with this but I'm not sure yet. This is just a little test to see how I like it and so far it's not too bad.

EBR I got from a local group member.

It's hard to get a good shot of the cardinals, they keep moving so fast. No problem getting a good shot of the BAJILLIONS of snails I have though! My 5 assassin snails can't work quick enough, I think I may have to try another method. I'm thinking of trying the pool liner trick to see if it works.

Some new fish I picked up. "Diptailed Pencil Fish" Nannostomus eques. Saw these at my LFS the last few times I went and finally decided I had to have them. They're so cool, they just chill at the top in a group like that all day.

FTS. The bottom right is a little bare because I've been pulling from there to use for my staurogyne branch and to give to people.

Thanks for looking!
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