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Originally Posted by BradH View Post
Thanks! I agree. I think they look better than in the ball form. That nymphaea micrantha is what I got from you. I moved it and damaged it, but it's bouncing back. It did have all sorts of new leaves, but I really messed it up pulling it out of the substrate to move it.

Quick question about it. How big to the leaves get and how tall?
I didn't even see it in there! Glad to hear it bounced back, they do seem to be pretty resilient! Well, eventually you're going to need at least a 55 gallon for that Nymphaea. The leaves in my tank get around 5-6" and in my 29" tall tank, the leaves get up to 16-20" pretty quickly. The good news is, you have an excuse for another tank.

You can trim the leaves back (as I do) to keep them from always reaching the surface but they will still outgrow your 10 gallon sometime in the near future.
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