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So I could only find a product called "Maracyn Oxy" at my LFS, is this the stuff I want? It's a liquid and not a powder like some of the threads here mention. I received a Anubis and Java Fern yesterday from a PT member (along with some RCS to add some diversity to my shrimp tank) and decided to do a little rescapping, which turned out to be a very good idea. Lately I was getting a very slight ammonia reading and the fish were acting weird. I found a dead barb wedged in a piece of driftwood, thats where the little sucker went! Did a minor water change and sucked out all the mulm I could. I then did a H2O2 dip on all the driftwood/moss. Boy they bubbled and crackled like crazy! Sounded like a bowl of rice crispies held up to a bullhorn. I strapped the anubis and java fern to some driftwood and rearranged it a bit, looks really nice! Hopefully all this, along with moving my light up about 5in and keeping up with fert dosing, will kick the BGA issue.

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